A Year of Yes

Something I love about travel is stepping outside of my comfort zone. I wholeheartedly believe that through discomfort comes growth. Unfortunately, the day-to-day routine gets the better of me. Life feels stagnant.

I encourage my kids to say yes to trying new things. They are all so good at it. They are joiners and so much more confident than I could ever hope to be. Sometimes I forget to live by example in this way as part of our normal home life. I find it easier when we are jetting off somewhere new and exciting. 

The strain of monotony make me feel like a rat in a cage spinning round and round on its wheel. I wondered lately how to solve this predicament, to live as carefree as I feel when abroad, to experience life with eager eyes and an open mind. I’ve decided to take a journey right here at home. I’ve set a goal for myself to attend a new class or lecture of some sort each week for a year. To dive deep into local offerings, get to know more of my community, and become uncomfortable by trying something new each and every week.
Researching for classes online I found that there is a plethora of workshops available. In the excitement fuelled by my new endeavour I booked out my first month with an Aboriginal walk and food tour, and a three-week beginner’s pottery course. I can’t wait to get started!
NB: An hour after booking said classes I felt anxiety creep in about what I’ve gotten myself into. Perfect, the journey has begun. A swift kick in the ass of routine is just what the doctor ordered.routine

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