Happy 12 Years to Us

IMG_0915 2

It all started with a chance meeting 14-years-ago in Austria, which facilitated a move from New York to Los Angeles. A work relocation to Seattle led to buying a house, eloping in Iceland and having three adorable babies. Another work move had us find our way to London, England. Almost 6 glorious years, and many besties later, we relocated to Australia. After three continents, four cities, 55+ countries, two houses, a couple of flats, five cats, three kids, and many fish we decided to celebrate the anniversary of our union with 26 kilometres. That’s right, a day of glorious sun soaked, skin burning, muscle crippling, up and down hiking Royal National Park from one end to the other.


Happy 12 years to us! A fabulous day hiking: adults only, no whining, no meal prep, no real schedule…total bliss. Thanks to our brave babysitter and a kind friend, who offered a lift to the start of the hike, our day came together beautifully. Besides the random hikers we crossed sporadically we were joined by many lizards, singing kookaburras, crabs, noisy crows and a very long red bellied black snake. We walked through tropical rainforest, had a picnic lunch on a cliff edge, dipped our toes in the cool Pacific, and climbed sun drenched hilltops.

We returned home to a surprise candlelit dinner plotted by three thoughtful little masterminds. Complete with drinks menu, a starter of sliced cucumber and carrot sticks, a mixed green salad as a main, and for dessert frozen fruits covered in cocoa, chia seeds, honey, almond butter, chocolate chips and oatmeal. Music piped in from a nearby ipad and the lights were dimmed. We were encouraged to talk…just what we needed after 12 hours together hiking. It was very sweet.


I’m grateful for 14 years (12 married) to my best friend who continues to make me laugh, supports me, and says yes to every crazy plan I can dream up. Here’s to many more years of adventure together.

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