Boating on Berowra Creek

We ventured north and inland for some family boating on Berowra Creek in a hired “tinnie” from Berowra Waters Marina. It was the perfect way to beat the Sydney heat and spend a Sunday afternoon.


Let me set the mood: The water was very calm and there were only a handful of other boats on the creek filled with anglers hoping to catch dinner. When we stopped the motor, the sound of locusts overpowered us and we could hear crows whining in the distance. On both sides of the water were lush and dense green rolling hills of gum trees. The sun was warm on our skin and gratefully we had an awning to provide us with welcomed shade. The breeze was constant and the air felt clean and refreshing. It smelled faintly sweet. We were close to the city but felt like we were deep in the bush, far from anything. There was a deep feeling of peace and my kids were noticeably calm and happy. Being out of doors in nature is so good for the soul no matter the age.


Great big jellyfish

The large quantities of massive jellyfish put us off on swimming. We are still new to Australia and haven’t yet developed the balls to just do it. Wow, but were they amazing to watch. I have never seen a jellyfish like it or one so large in its natural habitat. We were all in awe. The incredible Australian wildlife scores again.


James and Caroline pulling in the anchor

The kids took turns dropping and pulling the anchor, steering the boat and loved making it circle with tight turns.


Climbing rock

We packed a picnic and anchored near to Crafty’s climbing rock. We had hoped to attempt the climb ourselves and wished to see other climbers for route advice but no one was around. We decided best to just relax safely in our boat today. An enormous sea eagle swooped overhead and again we all watched on inspired. We saw his nest which he returned to after circling us like he was rewarding us with a private show. The kids and Stephen each took a turn jumping in once just to enjoy the lovely, warm, bath-like water.

When we returned the boat to the marina we asked about anything dangerous in the creek and about the jellyfish. “Yes, there are sharks in the water” she told us, adding “if I were to go in, it would be a quick dip and in the shallow water, especially after all the stories I’ve heard about sharks from the fishermen.” Yikes! Glad we listened to our gut on this one and allowed everyone just one quick plunge.

The little tin boat was easy to manoeuvre and a good deal at $100 for a half day rental. We’ve found most boat hires around Sydney to be expensive and to require a boating license (which we don’t have…yet.) I would definitely recommend this as a fun and different family weekend adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and gratefully returned home with all of our limbs.


Thanks to Concrete Playground for their advice.

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