Adjusting Takes Time



the kids at IKEA

Sydney is so gorgeous. The hills, the lush green environment and the sunshine. Every time I step outside I take a deep sigh of relief, full of gratitude for the warmth that surrounds me. The sun is comforting and healing. We have been busy our first two weeks with admin details. Setting up accounts, securing our residence and filling it with basics and furniture that will allow us to live until our sea shipment arrives in 3 months.

While Stephen works, the kids and I are out exploring. It’s exhilarating to be so present and free from routine. We are really enjoying ourselves. However, there are quiet moments. Time without distraction that is full of thought. It’s not just me, the kids share theirs with me too. We miss home – London, we miss our friends and ironically, the cold of winter. It’s incredibly hard to believe it’s November and we should be gearing up for Christmas when it’s 30C outside. I put on Xmas music today to try to feel festive and get in the mood. Honestly, it was strange.

Stephen has some moments where he feels like it was all a horrible mistake.  The endless things to buy, the bugs, the discomfort and anxiety of a new job, the disconnection from familiar people and places.  But he also remembers that he felt this way when we moved to London, too.  We moved there with no friends, a completely new role for him and not a clue as to how to get settled in London life.  Looking back, that turned out pretty well—we just need to give it time and accept that even good change can be difficult.


Our bright new living room

I suppose it’s good that we are so busy settling ourselves into our new home and that the quiet times are few. I just wish I could call my best friend for a run and coffee like any other boring Sunday in the UK right now. Boo. I hope it feels easier now that we are in our new home and out of our Airbnb. I’m in the process of unsubscribing from emails all things London. Trying to detach and let go. It’s hard and sobering to cut the cord. Adventure is priceless but not perfect. Miss you London. Xoxo


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