The Turquoise Coast of Southern Turkey

img_9733The sun is so welcoming, so warm and calming. The sky is a brilliant cloudless blue and there is always a gentle cooling breeze. We drive through pomegranate groves – fields of dark green trees with plump red fruits against an earthy array of browns and dusty green hues. Delicate pink, red and purple flowers line the roads that contrast with painted blue and white striped curbs. Sweet fragrant air mingles with the smell of something burning nearby.

Happy, kind faces smiling at us wherever we roam. Quaint local villages overrun with felines. Goats clambering over ancient ruined remains of a time 3000 years ago. It stands sobering us of our short existence in the grand scheme of time.  Under the heat of October skies, we climb giant stone steps of politicians and theatre-goers past.


Xanthos, Turkey

The sea is warm, clean and clear—soothing and refreshing like bath water in motion. Sea turtles turn and schools of shiny silvery divide around our bodies to share their space with us. The beach is sandy, light brown, and it stretches on for miles.


Kekova, Turkey


Patara Beach, Turkey

The local diet consists of some meats and fresh seafood, but the vegetables are abundant and sublime.  Flavours rich with fresh herbs and seasonings. Baklava, halva and Turkish tea or coffee to finish our meals. The halva is so good it causes me to question whether I have ever truly tasted it before.  It is like a toasted marshmallow with bits of caramelised honey within. Heaven.


Kalkan, Turkey

Off season travel with few tourists and what feels like private touring. So much to see and not nearly enough time.  This is paradise.

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