Crying in the Produce Aisle

This morning I walked down my street like I have a thousand times before. Sorting out drinks and snacks for the men packing up our flat I ran into Tesco on our corner just like any other normal day. I stopped dead in my tracks as I rounded the corner into the produce section and turned to look back at the shop. This very ordinary establishment that provides basic supplies for our neighbourhood suddenly became vivid. I caught my breath and then started to cry.

How does a grocery shop make me cry? Something so simple and unimportant until this very moment. Knowing I will never see the lady at the till who never smiles at me no matter how kind I am to her, I won’t be picking out fruits for tomorrow’s school snack here again, and there will be no more waiting in long queues as the students at the local secondary school buy their lunch. I feel so silly really. I expect if Tesco’s makes me nostalgic and sad, the truth is that London is immensely important and part of me now.

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