Cornish or Devon Cream Tea

While I’m in Penzance I feel the need to mention the debate between Cornwall and Devon over the preparation of a proper cream tea. I wonder if my friends back home even know about putting a scone together? I can’t really remember how long I have known about it because it comes up so often. It feels like old news to me but as ever amusing. You split your scone and then what do you do? Cream first and then jam, the Devon way or do you prefer to do it the Cornish way first spreading jam and then a dollop of cream on top? I personally prefer cream first and then jam but I am not a fan of the sweet stuff and would prefer just a small dab of jam on my scone. Stephen prefers it the same as I do but for a different reason. He feels like the cream will just slide off the top of the jam and so its technical presentation is faulty. Is this what it really comes down to, personal preference?

Cream Tea

Cream Tea

Yet whole counties follow one another in theirs because that’s how they were raised eating scones the way their parents and grandparents have. It’s funny to have such heated debate over this.

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