Coast to Coast Trail

Yesterday Stephen and I biked the coast to coast trail which runs 11
miles each way between Portneath to Devoran in Cornwall. The trail is
gorgeous and includes some street riding but mostly trails that run
through old mining areas that are now nature reserves filled with
purple wild flowers. We passed many abandoned stone buildings
imagining what it must have been like many years ago. The path was
fairly easy to follow as it was well marked and whenever it wasn’t we
just had to look for other cyclists on the path. Everyone we passed
was so friendly…what is it about us outdoorsy people? We are always
so happy. 😉 We picked blackberries, enjoyed the various animal
sightings along the path (mostly cows, sheep and horses), and ate at a
lovely pub called the Old Quay Inn in Devoran. Stephen and I ordered a
slice of cake each for dessert and each came with a very large scoop
of clotted cream over the top, wow! It was very rich and decadent.
While in the restaurant it started pouring rain…we had 9 miles to
ride back up hill! We hadn’t prepared for the rain. The weather said
sun and 20 was the forecast for the day. It felt like it was 14, windy
and now raining. Uggh! What I haven’t mentioned is that we were towing
our three kids throughout all of this. They complained some of the
time mainly because of the three hours sitting in their tow but other
times because of the bumpy rocky ride. In times like these I am
grateful that I’m participating with Stephen because when we do
something strenuous and have to push on through neither one of us
complains. We both turn inward and focus on the task at hand and we
always complete it. We actually made it back fairly easily and were
both happy to have completed what we set out to do.

20120824-112651 AM.jpg

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