Beach Holiday

We are spending the week on holiday in Cornwall. I have never spent any time really at any beaches in England and am not a beach person in general. I grew up as a child spending a lot of time at the beach but somewhere between then and age 38 not so much. Now that we have been here for a few days and have visited several beaches some things seem different to me. Most people seem to set up some sort of tent or plastic fencing to assign themselves an area all their own. It’s like they create a cabana for themselves right on the beach. I’m familiar with the tent on the beach idea for shielding babies and young children from the sun but here it seems like part of the normal beach kit,

Praa Sands Beach

strange. Also, there are more people on the beach in wet suits than swim suits. When did a wet suit become the norm? Is it because they are more readily available nowadays? Are people doing this in the US too and I just haven’t been there to notice it or is it because the water is just too darn cold here?

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